Finca Buena Vista - Honey Process

Finca Buena Vista - Honey Process

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Origin: Guatemala - Fraijanes Region, Buena Vista Farm

Process: Honey 

Farmer: Fredy Orantes

Varietals: Red Catuai, Yellow Catuai, Caturra

Roast: Light

Flavor Notes: Tropical Fruit, Peach, Lime

Coffee Details: 

Fredy Orantes has worked with Primavera for three years and the Fraijanes region in which he grows his coffee is perfect for natural and honey processing with its blazing sun. Fredy and his workers do a careful picking of only ripe cherries and process the coffees themselves. During the processing very ripe cherries are are picked and soaked in water to get rid of dust, immature beans, lower the microbial count, and homogenize temperature. They are then dehulled with a manual de-pulper and laid on raised beds to dry for 16-18 days. They are placed in the shade where there is a lot of ventilation and moved every hour during the first 3 days and every 3 hours the rest of the time. 

The result of this hard work is a very clean cup with notes of sweet tropical fruit without any funky or fermented qualities. The coffee has a nice interplay between body and acidity with neither being overbearing.  

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