Objet a Espresso

Objet a Espresso

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Component 1: Honduras, Oscar Nunez - Washed 

Component 2: Kenya AA Plus - Washed 

Roast: Medium-Light 

Tasting Notes: Marzipan, Chocolate, Cream

Coffee Details: 

Objet a Espresso represents our goal of a perfect cup of coffee, while fully acknowledging how foolish a goal that is.  In our dreams, this blend perfectly balanced sweetness, acidity, and body, while offering intense flavor clarity. In reality, when the coffee is roasted, blended and brewed, the expectation of perfection reveals itself to be the mirage it always was (and always is) but still, this is a blend worthy of drinking. 

Currently Objet a is Comprised of a coffee purchased from Honduras and grown by the farmer from which it gets its name, Oscar Nunez, which adds body and notes of dark chocolate. The other component is a coffee from Kenya which gives round sweetness and subtle savory qualities. This blend is versatile and forgiving and we hope inspires all coffee lovers to keep hopelessly chasing perfection.

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