Objet a Espresso - Seasonal Blend

Objet a Espresso - Seasonal Blend

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Component 1: Guatemala, Primavera Family Blend - Washed

Component 2: Ethiopia, Tsebel Guji, Sidama Region - Washed 

Roast: Medium-Light 

Tasting Notes: Marzipan, Chocolate, Cream

Coffee Details: 

Objet a Espresso represents our goal of a perfect cup of coffee, while fully acknowledging how foolish a goal that is.  In our dreams, this blend perfectly balanced sweetness, acidity, and body, while offering intense flavor clarity. In reality, when the coffee is roasted, blended and brewed, the expectation of perfection reveals itself to be the mirage it always was (and always is) but still, this is a blend worthy of drinking. 

Currently Objet a is comprised of the Primavera Family blend from Guatemala and Tsebel, a washed coffee from the Sidama region of Ethiopia. The Primavera family blend is a coffee offered by Primavera Importers that is a blend of coffee from farmers that do not quite meet the standards to be offered as a micro-lot but are still quite good and grown by farmers who are aiming to improve their quality and someday soon sell their coffees as micro-lots. Primavera buys these coffees in order to build relationships and support these farmers in their pursuit of improved quality. Stone Tower is proud to support this effort as well. 

The Family blend, it should be noted, is anything but low quality. On its own it tastes of sweet tea, dates, and simple syrup. It brings loads of sweetness to the Objet a and some decent body as well. 

Next we have another sustainability coffee provided to us by Catalyst Trade: Tsebel Guji. Tsebel lots are washed Ethiopian coffees which do not quite score high enough to be sold as micro-lots but are still wonderful coffees worthy of being enjoyed by enthusiasts. Catalyst Trade purchases these coffees from producers and provides them to us roasters as a means to encourage the producers to remain in the specialty market.

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