Country Roads Caturra - Costa Rica

Country Roads Caturra - Costa Rica

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Tasting Notes: Cranberry Juice, Raspberry, Mandarin Orange

Roast Level: Light

Origin: Costa Rica

Producer: Alejo Castro

Farm: Volcan Azul

Process: Natural

The Story: 

Alejo's family has been producing coffee in Costa Rica for two centuries, with ledgers still extant from his ancestor's weeks long journeys on ship to sell their coffees in Europe. Alejo now blends that tradition with innovation and an emphasis on conservancy of the environment to create coffees that are both award winning and sustainable. 

The name of this coffee comes of course from the name of the varietal, Caturra, and the famous John Denver song, but the impetus to use the song in the name came from a funny coincidence when we first reached out to Alejo: his first response was how funny to hear from, for the first time, a roaster in West Virginia when he had just before been listening to that most famous ode to our state. So, we couldn't resist the name. 

There is a certain congruency with the name as well, John Denver's lyrics so inspired by the beauty of the mountains and his dedication to environmentalism parallel that of Alejo's dedication to his own mountainous home. 

They don't give out Cup of Excellence awards without phenomenal quality as well, and these coffees are truly excellent. This naturally processed Caturra varietal is a true fruit bomb with tons of sweet, jam-like qualities. 



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