The Epic - Guatemala

The Epic - Guatemala

Stone Tower Joe
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Origin: Guatemala - Coop Tinamit 

Roast: Dark 

Process: Washed

We Taste: Dark Chocolate, Molasses, Blackberries 

Importer: Primavera 

Coffee Details: 

We first started working with Primavera in 2020 and bought a small amount of several of their offerings. One coffee, Coop Tinamit, we just couldn't quite solve a roast profile for. At the same time, we had a new wholesale client who wanted darker roasts and so we did something we rarely do outside of our classic Epic Espresso... we roasted it dark. 

The results were fantastic and made some of us diehard light roast drinkers question a few of the assumptions we had concerning higher quality coffee always needing to be roasted light. Sometimes, a coffee is just asking to go a bit darker. In fact, we liked it so much we decided in 2021 to buy enough to fully replace our Epic Espresso blend with this coffee and call it The Epic as an ode to our beloved blend that has served us so well for so long.

We drop this coffee just as 2nd crack is about to begin. It has a full body yet retains a surprising amount of sweetness that can hint at dark fruits at times. 

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